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    SWRV (or Callen Wade) is soon to become an important fixture on the Electro House scene. Hailing from the suburban area of Adelaide, Australia he found his way to the city once he arrived his enthusiasm and talent was on display for all to see. SWRV brings a musical understanding to the table which is impressive for his young age, and his Dubstep flavor has arrived to the scene of the more commercial crowd who’s not afraid to have fun; however, don’t write him off as a one trick pony. Genre blending has always been a core tenant of SWRV

    Since the start of 2016 SWRV has continued to sky rocket with very impressive statistics to back it all up, it has been known the has been recently talking with The ElectroStep Network, not much word yet but with his combination of skill, discipline and hard work, a series of events has been set in motion that is impossible to stop. It really is not a question of ‘if’ he will become a regular fixture on the International Scene but more a question of ‘when’ it will happen. Outgrowing his best kept secret tag, the future is indeed bright For SWRV

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    SWRV & Mc Catchy


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